© Jeannie Cox 2013 Jeanís Beads Handcrafted Glass Art & Jewelry by Jeannie Cox About Me
My name is Jeannie Cox and I’m a glass artist.  Even though I have been melting glass with a torch since 1995, I am still learning and growing.  Glass, especially when worked in it’s viscous and molten form, is mesmirizing.  It’s my passion! I love depth, variety and uniqueness in my glass and I still experiment almost daily with new color combos, technique styles and new skills.  It’s a never-ending pallet of design and color combos.  :) I am a proud member of the ASGB (Arizona Society of Glass Beadmakers) and am also a registered Self Representing Artist.  I am also pround to be involved (and making beads) with Beads of Courage since 2005.  This is a wonderful charity which helps children coping with serious, life-threatening illnesses and ailments.  For more info, please visit their page here.
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