Hello world!

So excited to be writing my first blog on my new website!  Above is a picture of some current beads I am going to be making for Beads of Courage.  Teal ladybug beads.
I am NOT overly excited to be making these when it is so hot outside, tho.  My studio is in the garage and it is still yet unfinished (the walls are not up to be able to section it off for air conditioning), so it is very hot in there.  I have to work mostly at night when it’s the coolest, so my schedule is totally backwards from everyone else around me.
I will be working on these beads for the next 10-14 days, so if I am not immediately available or responsive, you’ll know why.

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  1. Glad I found your new site. Earlier this week I tried to find your former site but it was gone. The YT video I was watching was from 2012. You can probably go back in and change your web addresses on your YT vids. Ok. I’ll bookmark you and find your FB page now… Jay Alexander 10/22/17

    1. Thank you for looking for me!! I had an upsetting experience with GoDaddy trying to transfer my domain name (3 times, no less), and even tho I filled out a form that notified them that I was transferring my business AND called them a few times during these attempts, EVERY time they denied my transfer. By the 3rd time, my account had expired with them and there was a heated conversation where they would not budge unless I purchased another year of the domain name from them. So this site is (hopefully) a temporary page while I am waiting for my original name (which I had for 10 years), becomes available again. I hope to get it back but have to wait for the holding period to be ended.
      Anyway – – I don’t even know where the time is located for this site (haven’t had a lot of time to research or look into this new WordPress stuff). But so glad you fount this page and hopefully I can have my site back to normal soon, once I learn how to work it. 🙂
      I will also try to edit my older YT vids – thanks.

    1. Thanks! I just had a default time in there which I didn’t notice before – – it’s updated now.

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