© Jeannie Cox 2013 Jeanís Beads Handcrafted Glass Art & Jewelry by Jeannie Cox Vessels
These are my Keepsake Vessels.  They are hand blown on the end of a stainless steel blow tube that leaves a 1/4” hole for an opening.  I also make a glass topper for them and epoxy a hand sized and ground cork to each one.  These make great showpieces as well as allow a special holder for “keepsakes”, such as sand/tiny shells from a beach, locks of baby hair,  gemstones/birthstones, a special wish list, as well as perfume or essential oils (liquid could make the cork swell and stick, tho). Some people even use them as memorial pieces by placing their beloved relative’s or pet’s ashes inside.  They can easily be strung on a cord or chain.  Click on the picture to enlarge.
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